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Kateryna Sivak

Kateryna Sivak, from Ukraine
Pre-Master’s Art Management at BCUIC
MA Global Media Management at Birmingham City University

I chose Birmingham City University because its approach to teaching seemed to be the most practice-oriented of all the UK universities I considered. The facilities and activities are all focused on helping students become professionals in their field, increase their employability and forge useful connections for their future career.

I didn’t expect BCUIC tutors to be so incredibly supportive – they were always happy to answer all my questions, read every single word of my papers and advise on how to make them better. I was also pleasantly surprised at how friendly and supportive all the other students were! We really became good friends and kept in touch even after we went to BCU.

What I’m enjoying about BCU is that I’m free to choose topics for all of my assignments. Tutors are also very keen to help, all of them encourage us to ask questions and are happy to find time for one-to-one tutorials in order to provide individual support.

If you want to succeed in BCU, I would strongly recommend studying at BCUIC as its programme is especially designed to prepare you for the University. When I started my course in BCU I felt much more confident than other students in my group (who hadn’t studied at BCUIC) because I was able to focus on my assignments straightaway, instead of spending time to adapt and learn things that I’d already learnt at BCUIC!

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