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Future Students FAQs

Q: Is the September 2021 intake running as normal?

A: Yes. It is currently our expectation that international students will be able to study at the University. If you would like to study with us, we would welcome your application.


Q: How will classes be delivered?

A: We plan to teach face-to-face from September. However, if you are unable to join us in the UK, we can teach you fully online for the entire first semester if you are studying one of the following programmes:

- All Foundation programmes

- First Year in Accounting, Economics and Finance

- First Year in Business

- First Year in Marketing

- All Pre-Master's programmes (except Computing)


Students who experience visa delays can enrol and start their studies online but must be in the UK by the end of the enrolment period.


Q: I already have an offer, how can I keep informed on next steps?

A: We will be posting any updates to the current situation on this microsite. If you have any particular queries, please get in touch with us; you can email or send a message to +44 7464677535


Q: What will be the deadline for payment to secure my place? Can I accept the offer now and pay later?

A: The payment deadline for study is 14th September 2021. In order to secure your place with us, you will need to pay your deposit and sign and return your acceptance forms.


Q: My school/university is closed and I am worried that I will not be able to meet the academic conditions on my offer. What should I do?

A: In many countries, individual schools or universities may have closed or teaching may be restricted. If you are affected, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of any opportunity of any online provision available from your institution or exam board to ensure you are as well prepared as possible when your school or university reopens. We will monitor the situation and update offer holders as we know more.


Q: My local IELTS testing centre is closed and I am worried I will not be able to meet the English conditions on my offer. Do I have any other options?

A: The University accepts a number of IELTS exemptions, so it may be that you won’t need to obtain a separate English language qualification, you can also consider the BCU English language test Pre-Access English Courses & Tests | Birmingham City University Online Store (bcu.ac.uk)


Q: Should I still book my accommodation?

A: You can provisionally book your accommodation through our team accommodation@bcuic.bcu.ac.uk; however, final accommodation bookings cannot be made until you have your University ID number.