Choosing a place to live while you study at BCUIC may seem like an enormous task - especially if you are unfamiliar with Birmingham.

This is why BCUIC and the Students' Union have teamed up to help you find safe, secure and affordable accommodation.


Types of Accommodation

University accommodation

Halls of Residence - You normally share a kitchen and living room with between 4 and 7 fellow students. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends.


Private accommodation

Apartment - This can be a more costly option but does give you complete privacy, as you don't share any facilities with other residents.

House Share - This is often a cost-effective option, where you live in a house with others and share all communal facilities. 


Halls of Residence

Halls of Residence
Name of Halls Inclusive Price per Week (£) Address in Birmingham Contract start date Contract end date Approx. distance to City Centre Campus

Bagot Street



£143.50 2 Bagot St, Birmingham B4 7AY 5th January 2019 31st August 2019 1km

Please note: There will be a one-off admin charge of £150.00 to be paid to BCUIC.

Bagot Street

Bagot Street (Campus Living Villages)

If you choose to live in Bagot Street halls of residence, you will have your own room in a flat and share kitchen facilities with your flatmates.

Reasons to live at Bagot Street:

  • It’s just a 10-minute walk to the City Centre Campus
  • It’s less than a mile from the Bullring shopping centre and other city-centre attractions
  • All rooms are en-suite with a double bed, desk, chair and wardrobe
  • There’s a large communal social space with widescreen TV, pool table and foosball table
  • Village Life programme: movie nights, cookery demos, BBQs and student mixers
  • Wi-Fi, 24-hour security, CCTV coverage and fob entry system

Weekly cost (to Bagot Street): £143.50

One-off admin charge (to be paid to BCUIC): £150.00

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House Shares

This is where you can get together with other students and collectively rent a house or flat.

Rent differs considerably and normally reflects the location and facilities on offer. Prices will range from around £70 per week up to over £100 per week. Some rent prices will be without utility bills, so you'll need to add around £15 to £20 per week to cover your utilities. House shares are generally lower in price than privately operated halls of residence, but you normally share a bathroom, lounge and kitchen with your housemates.

If you’d like to enter into a house share, there are a couple of providers in Birmingham that we can recommend. Simply email us at

Privacy (en-suite rooms and studio apartments)

If you would like to have your own bathroom, our halls of residence options offer en-suite facilities with all of their rooms. If you choose to live in a studio apartment, you will have your own bathroom and your own kitchen area.

Occasionally house share properties will have en-suite rooms, but it isn’t very common.

How do I book my accommodation?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak to someone?
Call us on +44 (0) 121 331 7377 or email us at

Where are your properties?
Our recommended provider is Bagot Street, which is in the city centre - just 1km from BCUIC!

What types of property are they?
Bagot Street is a purpose-built halls of residence for students. The building offers rooms with en-suite bathrooms and extensive communal facilities.
Alternatively, we can find you a room in a house share with other students. We have properties with up to 8 bedrooms in various areas of the city.

How much is the rent?
The average for a house of 4 or more people in a house share would cost around £70-£100 per person per week. The cost will depend on a number of things, such as location, condition of the property and the size of your bedroom.
Student halls tend to be a little more expensive (from £143.50 per person per week) but do offer a number of advantages, such as en-suites, security and all-inclusive bills. Our recommended student hall option is Bagot Street.

How much will the utility bills cost in a house share?
Very few landlords will include the utility bills. You would expect to pay roughly around £15 to £20 per week per person, depending on how many live in the house. Many students will wait until the bills come in and then share the cost amongst the number of people living in the property.
A popular alternative is to use a company that will supply your gas, electric, water, broadband and TV for a fixed monthly payment. This means that you are not responsible for anyone in your house who does not pay their bill. The system is called 'utility allowance', and the energy that you use during your tenancy is reconciled at the end of the tenancy with the amount that you have paid for the period.

Do I pay council tax?

No. Students obtain 100% discount for council tax, but you must fill in the appropriate forms if required in order to get the full discount. Failure to do so will result in you having to pay the full council tax. If you will be living in student accommodation, you will automatically be exempt from council tax. However, if you will be living in privately rented accommodation, you will need to apply for student council tax exemption status. Please visit this web page for more information about applying for exemption from council tax. You can request student council tax exemption letters by emailing with your full name, BCUIC Student ID number, and the property address you wish to be exempt for.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Not always, but it is normal to pay a deposit for a house share. Deposits can range from £250 to the equivalent of one month's rent, but it is usually around 1.5 x one month's rent. Ensure your deposit is protected with either the DPS or TDS; it's a legal requirement and there are heavy fines for a landlord who does not comply with this legislation.

Would I expect to pay when booking through BCUIC?
If you’re booking a room with Bagot Street, you will need to pay a £150 admin charge to BCUIC. The remainder of the payment should then be made directly to the provider.
If you choose to live in a private flat or a house share, letting agents may charge you an admin fee.

What happens if I have a maintenance problem? Who do I call?
If your property is managed by Bagot Street, you will need to contact the provider directly. For house shares or private properties, it is normal to call the landlord directly with any issues..

If your question hasn’t been answered, call our Student Services team on +44 (0) 121 331 7377 or email