Choosing a place to live while you study at BCUIC may seem like an enormous task - especially if you are unfamiliar with Birmingham.

This is why BCUIC and the Students' Union have teamed up to help you find safe, secure and affordable accommodation.


Types of Accommodation

Halls of Residence – You normally share a kitchen and living room with between 4 and 7 fellow students.

Studio Apartment – You have your own bathroom, kitchen and living area, and only share communal facilities with other students.

House or Flat Share – You share a house or flat with a group of friends.

Private Apartment – You have complete privacy and don’t share any facilities with other residents.

Halls of Residence

Halls of Residence
Name of Halls Inclusive Price per Week (£) Address in Birmingham Contract start date Contract end date Approx. distance to City Centre Campus

Belgrave View*



From 135.00  1 Belgrave Middleway (B5 7AJ) 13th October/10th November 2018 24th August 2019 2.3 km

Please note: There will be a one-off admin charge of £150.00 to be paid to BCUIC.

suitable for students aged under 18

Belgrave View

Room sizes : 

Up to 16.5sqm

Three reasons to live at Belgrave View:

1. Just a 15-minute walk to Birmingham City Centre
2. En-suites included with all rooms
3. On-site laundry room, social lounge and free gym

Belgrave View
Types of room available What would be in my room? What would I be sharing with others? Ideal for…



Single bed

Large study desk
Study chair
Electric heaters
Desk lamp

Those wanting to experience the community feel while still having their own privacy


(up to 14.5sqm)

Small double bed

Large desk
Study chair
Desk lamp
Electric heaters

If you want that little bit of extra space



Double bed En-suite Wardrobe Shelves Large desk Study chair Wi-Fi Desk lamp Electric heaters

If you want that little bit of extra space



Double bed En-suite Wardrobe Shelves Large desk Study chair Wi-Fi Desk lamp Electric heaters Two-seater sofa

Some extra lounge space in your room

Communal facilities at Belgrave View:

  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Laundry room
  • Social lounge – with pool table, games and Sky TV
  • Music practice rooms
  • Free gym
  • Free bike storage

Weekly cost (to Belgrave View): from £135.00

One-off admin charge (to be paid to BCUIC): £150.00

Click here for Belgrave View's moving-in survival guide!


House Shares

This is where you can get together with other students and collectively rent a house or flat – maybe in Selly Oak, which has a large student community and is just a mile from BCUIC in Bournville.

Rent differs considerably and normally reflects the location and facilities on offer. Prices will range from around £70 per week up to over £100 per week. Some rent prices will be without utility bills, so you'll need to add around £15 to £20 per week to cover your utilities. House shares are generally lower in price than privately operated halls of residence, but you normally share a bathroom, lounge and kitchen with your housemates.

If you’d like to enter into a house share, there are a couple of providers in Birmingham that we can recommend. Simply email us at

Privacy (en-suite rooms and studio apartments)

If you would like to have your own bathroom, our halls of residence options offer en-suite facilities with all of their rooms. If you choose to live in a studio apartment, you will have your own bathroom and your own kitchen area.

Occasionally house share properties will have en-suite rooms, but it isn’t very common.

How do I book my accommodation?

To book your accommodation, please click on the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak to someone?
Call us on +44 (0) 121 331 5791 or email us at

Where are your properties?
We have properties in a number of locations throughout Birmingham. Belgrave View is in Birmingham City Centre.

What types of property are they?
Our accredited landlords offer a range of different properties and we can help you to find a room in a purpose-built student hall, such as Belgrave View. Most offer en-suite facilities, apartments and studios.
Alternatively, we can find you a room in a house share with other students. We have properties with up to 8 bedrooms in various areas of the city.

How much is the rent?
The average for a house of 4 or more people in a house share would cost around £70-£100 per person per week. The cost will depend on a number of things, such as location, condition of the property and the size of your bedroom.
Student halls tend to be a little more expensive (from £135 per person per week) but do offer a number of advantages, such as en-suites, security and all-inclusive bills. Our recommended student hall option is Belgrave View.

How much will the utility bills cost in a house share?
Very few landlords will include the utility bills. You would expect to pay roughly around £15 to £20 per week per person, depending on how many live in the house. Many students will wait until the bills come in and then share the cost amongst the number of people living in the property.
A popular alternative is to use a company that will supply your gas, electric, water, broadband and TV for a fixed monthly payment. This means that you are not responsible for anyone in your house who does not pay their bill. The system is called 'utility allowance', and the energy that you use during your tenancy is reconciled at the end of the tenancy with the amount that you have paid for the period.

Do I pay council tax?
No. Students obtain 100% discount for council tax, but you must fill in the appropriate forms in order to get the full discount. Failure to do so will result in you having to pay the full council tax. Forms are available from the Birmingham City University’s Students' Union office.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Not always, but it is normal to pay a deposit for a house share. Deposits can range from £250 to the equivalent of one month's rent, but it is usually around 1.5 x one month's rent. Ensure your deposit is protected with either the DPS or TDS; it's a legal requirement and there are heavy fines for a landlord who does not comply with this legislation.

Would I expect to pay when booking through BCUIC?
If you’re booking a room with Belgrave View, you will need to pay a £150 admin charge to BCUIC. The remainder of the payment should then be made directly to the provider.
If you choose to live in a private flat or a house share, letting agents may charge you an admin fee.

What happens if I have a maintenance problem? Who do I call?
If your property is managed by Belgrave View, you will need to contact the provider directly. For house shares or private properties, it is normal to call the landlord directly with any issues..

If your question hasn’t been answered, call our Student Services team on +44 (0) 121 331 5791 or email