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Birmingham City University International College


Choosing a place to live while you study at BCUIC may seem like a daunting task – especially if you are unfamiliar with Birmingham. This is why BCUIC and Birmingham City University’s accommodation teams have collaborated to help you find accommodation.

The University has several halls of residence – offering a range of on-campus and inner-city living with various facilities and features including double beds, en-suite bathrooms and even on-site gyms, meaning we have something for everyone.

Halls of residence

We can help you find a room in one of our student halls of residence. Here, you would usually share a kitchen and living room with between 4 and 7 fellow students, but would retain your own en-suite bathroom.

This option is a great way to meet new people and make friends. Please click on the links below to find out more about each of the halls of residence.

Accommodation 2021/22 May 2022 Intake

Name of Halls Rent Approx. distance to City Centre Campus
Lakeside £143 PW 7-minute walk
Staniforth House £152 PW 12-minute walk
Jennens Court £144 PW 2-minute walk
The Heights £146 PW 10-minute walk

If you wish to book a room with university accommodation for the summer period, please contact the BCUIC Accommodation Team at accommodation@bcuic.bcu.ac.uk with your request and we will help with your booking.

Make sure you include your full name and BCUIC Student ID number.

Accommodation Contract Dates will run from UK Arrival Date – End of August 2022.

Accommodation 2022/23 September 2022 intake

Accommodation Rent Total Amount to Pay Contract Length Contract Dates Approx. distance to City Centre Campus
University Locks £155 Per Week £6355 41 Weeks 03/09/2022-17/06/2023 2-minute walk
Jennens Court £146 Per Week £6424 44 Weeks 09/09/2022-14/07/2023 2-minute walk
Jennens Court £139 Per Week £7089 51 Week 03/09/2022-26/08/2023 2-minute walk
Lakeside £146 Per Week £6424 44 Weeks 09/09/2022-14/07/2023 7-minute walk
The Heights £146 Per Week £6424 44 Weeks 03/09/2022-08/07/2023 10-minute walk
The Heights £141 Per Week £7191 51 Weeks 03/09/2022-26/08/2023 10-minute walk
Staniforth House £156 Per Week £6864 44 Weeks 09/09/2022-14/07/2023 12-minute walk
Bentley House £159 Per Week £6,837 43 Weeks 09/09/2022-07/07/2023 12-minute walk
Queen’s Hospital Close £130 Per Week £5,590 43 Weeks 10/09/2022-08/07/2023 20 min bus ride
Queen’s Hospital Close £125 Per Week £6,375 51 Weeks 10/09/2022-02/09/2023 20 min bus ride

How to book a room

We are able to provisionally reserve you a room until you have received your CAS and your 8-digit university student ID number. Once you have these, you will need to officially submit your accommodation application through the BCU Accommodation Application Portal. Your accommodation contract start date can be adjusted to the date you are due to arrive in the UK.

Please let us know which halls of residence you would prefer, and we will reserve you a room. We will then confirm this room allocation by email.

To inform us of your accommodation preference - or if you have any queries about your options - please email us: accommodation@bcuic.bcu.ac.uk

Remember - you will need to formally submit your room request once you have your CAS and 8-digit ID number!

Private accommodation

While there are plenty of university halls of residence to choose from, you may want to book elsewhere if you’d prefer to live in a shared house or in your own individual apartment. Check out the Birmingham City Student Homes website to find out more about what’s available.

House shares

This is where you can get together with other students and collectively rent a house or flat.

Rent differs considerably and normally reflects the location and facilities on offer. Prices will range from around £70 per week up to over £100 per week. Some rent prices will be without utility bills, so you will need to add around £15 to £20 per week to cover your utilities. House shares are generally lower in price than privately operated halls of residence, but you normally share a bathroom, lounge and kitchen with your housemates.

If you would like to enter into a house share, there are a couple of providers in Birmingham that we can recommend. Simply email us at accommodation@bcuic.bcu.ac.uk

Private apartments

If you’d prefer the complete privacy of your very own flat, booking privately is your best option.

Here are some of the places in Birmingham where you can rent your own private flat:

  • Beetham Tower
  • Viva Apartments
  • Masshouse Plaza
  • St John’s Walk
  • New Street Chambers
  • Southside Apartments
  • The Old Fire Station
  • The Rotunda

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay council tax?

If you will be living in student accommodation, you will automatically be exempt from council tax.

If you will be living in privately rented accommodation, you will need to apply for student council tax exemption status. Please visit this web page for more information about applying for exemption from council tax. You can request student council tax exemption letters by emailing student.support@bcuic.bcu.ac.uk with your full name, BCUIC Student ID number, and the property address you wish to be exempt for.

Do I need to pay a deposit/advance rental payment?

If you choose to book a room in one of the University’s halls of residence, there will be a deposit/advance rental payment to pay. The amount, depending on the provider you choose, could be up to £250.

If you choose to live in a house share, it is likely there will be a deposit to pay. Deposits can range from £250 to the equivalent of one month's rent, but it is usually around 1.5 x one month's rent.

If you choose to live in a private flat, letting agents may also charge an admin fee.

What happens if I have a maintenance problem – who do I call?

If you are staying in one of the University’s halls of residence, you will need to contact the provider directly. For house shares or private properties, it is normal to call the landlord directly regarding any maintenance issues.

Where can I buy/order any essential items?

You can visit this website to order bedding/kitchen equipment and have it delivered to your accommodation before you arrive. Use the promotional code 'BCITY10' and receive a discount of 10 per cent! (Delivery date should be on or after 2nd September 2019.)

I'm under 18, where should I live?

All of the halls of residence provided by Birmingham City University are suitable for under-18s and will cater to your requirements. If you are under 18 and do not wish to live in student accommodation, we would advise you to be accompanied by an adult whilst residing in private accommodation.


If your question has not been answered, please call our Student Services team on +44 (0) 121 331 7377 or email accommodation@bcuic.bcu.ac.uk