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Birmingham City University International College

English Language

English language requirements

The language of instruction at BCUIC is English. To gain entry onto an undergraduate or postgraduate pathway, you must be able to demonstrate you have a suitable level of English proficiency.


For Foundation or Pre-Master's: IELTS 5.5 (minimum 5.5)

For First Year: IELTS 6.0 (minimum 5.5)



Please note that, where appropriate (such as where you have obtained the relevant score), BCUIC will exempt the need for IELTS if you have taken local examinations in English – such as WAEC, CBSE, HKDSE, GCSE or A-level – or if you can demonstrate where you have studied in a majority English language speaking country, as defined by the UKVI. If you have graduated with a UK Bachelor’s degree, you are also exempt from needing IELTS.

Visit this page for a full list of accepted English language qualifications.


Birmingham City University English tests

BCUIC also accepts Birmingham City University English tests in lieu of IELTS and other English qualifications. These tests are cheaper than IELTS and are available throughout the year, both in the UK and overseas.

Visit this page for details about dates and locations.


Online Pre-Sessional English courses

If you have not achieved the required scores, you can enrol onto an online Pre-Sessional English course. English language training is delivered by Birmingham City University.

Course duration Required entry level (For exit level of 5.5 (minimum 5.5)) Required entry level (For exit level of 6.0 (minimum 5.5)) Dates Cost

10 weeks

IELTS 4.5 (minimum 4.5)

IELTS 5.0 (minimum 4.5)

22 Feb - 30 April 2021


6 weeks

IELTS 5.0 (minimum 5.0)

IELTS 5.5 (minimum 5.0)

22 March - 30 April 2021


All of our Pre-Sessional English courses are being delivered online until further notice, so please ensure you have a laptop and stable internet access.


Pre-Sessional English courses in Birmingham

You can enrol onto one of the Pre-Sessional English courses below with a UKVI IELTS or UKVI PTE. English language training is conducted by Birmingham City University at the City Centre Campus.

Course BCUIC Foundation and Pre-Master’s
Exit level: 5.5 (minimum 5.5)
BCUIC First Year
Exit level: 6.0 (minimum 5.5)
Start points

16-week Pre-Sessional English

IELTS 4.0 (minimum 4.0)

IELTS 4.5 (one band no less than 4.0, other bands no less than 4.5)

May, September

10-week Pre-Sessional English

IELTS 4.5 (minimum 4.5)

IELTS 5.0 (minimum 4.5)

February, July, October

6-week Pre-Sessional English

IELTS 5.0 (minimum 5.0)

IELTS 5.5 (minimum 5.0)

March, July, November


If you qualify for the 10- or 6-week Pre-Sessional English course and have met all other conditions on your offer, BCUIC will issue you with a joint CAS that covers both your Pre-Sessional and your academic course.

If you qualify for the 16-week Pre-Sessional English course, you will be issued with a separate CAS for your Pre-Sessional course and you will need to apply for a new visa for the academic course. Please note that Birmingham City University will assist all students through this process.


UK English Levels

We have provided this calculator to help establish the entry level for a student based on their current English Certificate.

It asks for the title and date of the test and uses that information to show the available entry levels for UK study.