Birmingham City University International College

Student Services

BCUIC is committed to helping you achieve your goals by providing many support services. As a BCUIC student, you will have access to a variety of BCUIC and Birmingham City University services.

Services available at BCUIC

BCUIC encourages you to use the support services available and contact our friendly staff at BCUIC for advice and assistance when you need it.

Once enrolled, all BCUIC students will also have immediate access to the BCUIC online student portal, which houses all BCUIC timetable and academic information as well as extracurricular information from the Students' Union and the BCUIC support services and academic teams.

The student support team is responsible for providing:

  • an airport pick-up service (on request)
  • enrolment
  • orientation programmes to familiarise you with the college, the university and the city of Birmingham
  • registration with BCUIC
  • registration with Birmingham City University
  • social activities
  • student welfare
  • study skills training
  • English language support
  • academic performance monitoring, including the Students in Jeopardy programme
  • assignment help
  • attendance monitoring
  • disability support*
  • learning support

*Disabilities must be disclosed with your BCUIC application. BCUIC do not discriminate against any student with a disability but may not be able offer full support to certain disabilities. Contact if you have any questions.

Activities at BCUIC

If you are interested in getting involved in sports and societies, Birmingham City University is the perfect university for you. The Birmingham City University campus offers a wide range of recreational and sport facilities that you can use, including a gym, playing fields and sports halls.

Being part of sports and cultural societies while you are at Birmingham City University will open up many social and career opportunities for you. We encourage our students to participate in such activities as much as possible.

How to Contact Student Support

Get in contact with BCUIC Student Support at:


Telephone: +4401213317377