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Booking Travel Arrangements

Many students travel to and from the UK at the beginning and end of each semester; therefore flights can be fully booked at these times. It is advisable to book a flight as soon as you have confirmed your acceptance with BCUIC.

Don't forget!

Please contact Student Services with your flight details on:

If you don't think you will arrive by the first day of teaching, you must contact us so that we know. We recommend that you arrive the week before teaching begins, so that you can benefit from Orientation. You can check all important semester dates here.

Packing your things

Student dress code in the UK is casual. Most students wear jeans and trainers to classes. Medium-weight clothing such as sweatshirts are appropriate throughout the year but t-shirts are more useful for the summer. Warmer clothing and footwear - including waterproofs - are needed for winter.

It is recommended that you have a light waterproof jacket for all year round. Summers can be quite warm in regions like Birmingham but it is advisable to bring layers have warmer just in case, as the UK does not have a tropical climate.

The UK Climate
Summer - June to August 11°C to 21°C
Autumn - September to November 6°C to 18°C
Winter - December to February 2°C to 9°C
Spring - March to May 4°C to 16°C

It may be a good idea to bring some basic toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, soap, towel, etc.) so that you do not need to go shopping as soon as you arrive. We also suggest bringing glasses, contact lenses, current prescriptions and medication(if necessary). However, make sure these items will clear customs first.